Dictionary of Welsh Biography

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CLYNNOG , MORGAN ( 1558 - after 1619 ), seminary priest ,

entered the English College , Rome , at the age of 21. After the disturbance, which resulted in the removal from the rectorship of the English College of his uncle, Dr. Morys Clynnog , he was the first Welsh student to take the mission oath, 23 April, 1579 . He was ordained priest and returned to his native land in 1582 . A letter of May or June 1587 refers to him in connection with other Welsh seminary priests , and in 1588 he appears on lord Burghley 's list of priests in Wales as ‘ Clneycke Morgan .’ He is known to have said Mass at Llandilo in 1590 and to have ministered elsewhere in Carmarthenshire . He was at Margam in 1591 . In 1596 he was living with Jenkin Turberville at Pen-llin, Glam. , and was still there in 1602 . In 1606 the Benedictine , David Augustine Baker , brought him to Abergavenny to reconcile his father, William Baker , to the Roman Catholic church , and the old man rebuked him for gabbling his Latin . He sent young men abroad to the seminaries at Douai and Valladolid , and worked in cordial co-operation with the Jesuits and with other secular priests for at least thirty-seven years. He was made an assistant to the archpriest by 1600 , and when last heard of, on 2 Dec. 1619 , he was senior assistant , which indicates the high regard in which he was held by his co-religionists in England and Wales .


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John Martin Cleary, Cardiff

Published date: 1959