Dictionary of Welsh Biography

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KADWALADR ( CADWALADR ), SION ( JOHN , SIONYN ) , fl. 1750-1765 , writer of ballads and interludes ;

b., according to Ioan Pedr (q.v.) in N.L.W. MS. 2629 , in Llanycil parish, Mer. In his interlude, ‘ Gaulove ,’ Siôn describes himself as ‘ a sad creature, without brother or sister, stubborn, and always poor ’; and a ballad of his ( Bibliog. of Welsh Ballads no. 73), together with his interlude ‘ Einion ’ and a marwnad ( N.L.W. MS. 2629 ), testifies that he was transported for seven years to America — for stealing half-a-crown, says Ioan Pedr . His interludes appear to have been written after his return; they are: (1) ‘ Einion a Gwenllian ’ ( N.L.W. MS. 522 ), written c. 1756 — the suggestion that it was written jointly with Huw Jones (q.v.) may be dismissed; (2) ‘ Gaulove a Clarinda ’ between 1756 and 1762 ( N.L.W. Cwrtmawr MS. 39 ); (3) Y Brenin Dafydd a Gwraig Urias , published at Chester c. 1765 , written jointly with Huw Jones . The scenes are lively and the satire keen, and the author stands high in the second class of 18th cent. interludists. He should not be confused with the John Cadwaladr , whose ballads Sir O. M. Edwards printed in Beirdd y Berwyn .


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Gruffydd Glyn Evans, M.A., Newtown, Maldwyn

Published date: 1959