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EVANS , JOHN (d. 1779 ), Evangelical cleric, translator, and commentator ;

b. at Meini Gwynion , Llanbadarn Odwyn (now Llan-geitho), Cards. He is said to have been educated at Oxford , and to have graduated [but he cannot be identified in Foster 's Alumni , and there has been considerable confusion between him and John Evans , 1702 - 1782 ] . His first curacy was at Llanarth, Cards. ; then he became curate at Plymouth , to be known henceforth as ‘the parson of Portsmouth ’ (not ‘the parson of Plymouth ’ as he was often styled in Cardiganshire in his own day). His service to Wales was mainly as a translator of devotional works into Welsh . He is credited with the translation of Meditations on the Sacraments , 1735 , by Jabez Earle , minister of Long Acre , London ; the 3rd ed. of I. Watts , Catechism y Gymanfa neu y Catechism Byrraf , 1741 ; and Y Deddfau Cristionogol sef Didwyll Air Duw , 1773 (a translation of Gastrel 's Christian Institutes ). As a commentator he was earlier in the field than Peter Williams , his chief work being Cyssondeb y Pedair Efengyl; Gyd ag Agoriad Byrr a Nodau Athrawus ( Bristol , 1765 ) — the first regular commentary to appear in Welsh . He d. in 1779 at Portsmouth .


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Reverend Daniel Williams, (1878-1968), Llangollen

Published date: 1959