Dictionary of Welsh Biography

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EVANS , DAVID ( Dewi Haran ; 1812 - 1885 ), auctioneer, valuer, land agent, and poet

b. at Llanharan, Glam. , he was the son of a highly respected farmer, a calling which he himself pursued during the earlier part of his career. Although remembered primarily for his poetic compositions he was, during his life, chiefly identified with the calling of an auctioneer, valuer , and land agent . He possessed pronounced literary tastes and took a keen interest in Welsh literature and poetry. He contributed much to the periodical press and wrote several prize essays for the national and other eisteddfodau , receiving also numerous prizes for englynion, pryddestau , etc. He published some poems under the title of Telyn Haran in 1878 ( Pontypridd , B. Davies ); the volume, which was dedicated to lord Tredegar , was edited by William Thomas ( Glanffrwd , 1843 - 1890 , q.v.) , and contains some English translations by Titus Lewis ( 1822 - 1887 ) (q.v.) . He d. 6 July 1885 .


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Dr Moelwyn Idwal Williams, M.A., Aberystwyth

Published date: 1959