Dictionary of Welsh Biography

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EDWARD MAELOR ( fl. c. 1580-1620 ), poet .

No details about him are known, but a number of his poems, cywyddau and englynion , remain in manuscript. They include poems in praise of North Wales gentry , including Humphrey Hughes of Gwerclys , and John Eyton and his wife, a marriage poem addressed to Andrew Meredydd of Glan Tanad , and an elegy on the poet Siôn Tudur (q.v.) . His englynion include some written in bardic controversy ( ymryson ) with Morys Powel .


  • Brogyntyn MSS. at the National Library of Wales, Aberystwyth 3, 5;
  • Chirk Castle Manuscript at the National Library of Wales, Aberystwyth 3;
  • NLW MSS 278, 279, 1553, 8330, 10247, 13067;
  • Peniarth Manuscript in the National Library of Wales 151.


Ray Looker, (Mrs Ray Morgan), Cardiff / Rhymni

Published date: 1959