Dictionary of Welsh Biography

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EDWARDS , ELLIS ( 1844 - 1915 ), Calvinistic Methodist minister and principal of Bala Theological College ;

b. at Mold 9 June 1844 , son of Roger Edwards (q.v.) . He was educated at Edinburgh University ( M.A. , and later D.D. honoris causa ) , was ordained in 1872 , and was minister of Albert Road , Oswestry , 1872-4 . Before the end of 1873 he had been appointed tutor at Bala , where he remained until the end of his life, becoming vice-principal in 1889 and principal in 1907 . He lectured there on different subjects: ethics, apologetics, comparative religion, and afterwards divinity. Before the college was converted into a purely theological institution ( 1891 ) he devoted himself largely to Latin , Greek , and English literature. He delivered the Davies lecture (‘ The Being of God ’) in 1903 . He fell far short of Lewis Edwards in theology and of Thomas Charles Edwards in exegesis, but in all subjects which lay on the border line between theology, philosophy, and literature, his knowledge was profound. He composed some hymn-tunes , lectured frequently outside the college (‘ Lady Macbeth ’ and ‘ Some Sounds in Nature ’ were two very popular lectures), spoke on political questions , and was regarded as a most attractive speaker and as a preacher who stood in a class by himself. His sparkling animation and many-sided culture were characteristic, and because of his pleasant and courteous personality few teachers inspired such affection. He wrote little and left no book behind him. His deafness was a social disadvantage, and there is an extensive canon of stories about him. Towards the end of his life he met with an accident at Chester and d. 2 Feb. 1915 .


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  • G. A. Edwards , Athrofa'r Bala, 1837–1937 ( 1837-1937 ).


Reverend Gwilym Arthur Edwards, M.A., D.D., (1881-1963), Oswestry

Published date: 1959