Dictionary of Welsh Biography

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An elegiac awdl on Owain Gwynedd (q.v.) is attributed to him in Hendreg. MS. 21ab and Myv. Arch. , 193a. The ‘ Red Book of Hergest ,’ col. 1401, attributes to him an elegy in the form of a chain of englynion on Gruffudd ap Cynan ab Owain Gwynedd (d. 1200 ), which appears in Hendreg. MS. 113b and in Myv. Arch. , 204b, as the work of Llywarch ab Llywelyn (‘ Prydydd y Moch ,’ q.v.) . Nothing further is known of this Daniel . A striking example of the ‘ Titanism ’ which Matthew Arnold observed in Welsh poetry is to be found in the elegy on Owain Gwynedd in the lines: ‘And were I able to exchange reproofs with God, I should be well supplied with material.’


David Myrddin Lloyd, M.A., (1909-81), Aberystwyth / Scotland

Published date: 1959