Dictionary of Welsh Biography

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DAFYDD GORLECH ( 1410? - 1490? ), a writer of cywyddau brud (vaticinations) ;

Dafydd Gorlech Caermden ’ according to Pen. MS. 49 (167b) . Twenty-five cywyddau are attributed to him in the manuscripts, but eleven of these are attributed to other writers as well. Among the fourteen attributed to him alone there is a cywydd which begins ‘ Am eryr braich môr a bryn ’ and contains references to Sir Roger Vaughan (see under Vaughan of Tretower family). Sir Roger was caught by Jasper Tudor in 1471 and executed at Chepstow (see G.G.G. , 342). The poet is old and asks for protection. Couplets in the cywydd beginning ‘ Y brud hen wyd yn bratàGu ’ suggest that Dafydd Gorlech survived Dafydd Llwyd ap Llywelyn ap Gruffydd (q.v.) . His cywyddau contain references to prophecies attributed to Myrddin , Taliesin , and Y Bardd Glas .


Raymond Wallis Evans, M.A., (1910-2001), Swansea / Bangor

Published date: 1959