Dictionary of Welsh Biography

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DAFYDD ALAW ( fl. 1550 ), an Anglesey poet ,

who graduated ‘ Disgybl Ysbâs Cerdd Dafod ’ at the Caerwys eisteddfod of 1568 . He may have been a bardic disciple of Lewis Môn (q.v.) , whom he commemorates in an elegy ( N.L.W. MS. 1553 ). His extant work, most of which is to be found in Llanst. MSS. 123, 125, and 133 , consists mainly of cywyddau and awdlau in praise of members of some of the principal county families of Anglesey , c. 1535-70 . There is a reference to his book of pedigrees in Pen. MS. 134 .


  • Y Greal sef Cylchgrawn Misol at wasanaeth y Bedyddwyr , vii, 1806 ;
  • Transactions of the Anglesey Antiquarian Society and Field Club , 1939 (61-75), 1940 (46-61).


Rhiannon Francis Roberts, M.A., (1923-90), Aberystwyth

Published date: 1959