Dictionary of Welsh Biography

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CYNGAR , saint ( fl. 6th cent. ).

Two ‘ Vitae S. Cungari ’ are known to modern biographers . The oldest, recently discovered in fragmentary form at Wells , Somerset , was composed probably in the 12th cent. ; the second is a fuller but later version added to the 1516 printed edition of John of Teignmouth 's ‘ Vitae SS. ’ They relate that, after founding Congresbury in Som. , S. Cungar crossed to Glamorgan and landed on the banks of the river Thaw . In Glamorgan he established two monasteries at places not exactly located, and came into contact with a king Poulentus and a prince named Pebiau . According to the ‘Life’ of S. Cybi (q.v.) , which states that that saint and S. Cungar were kinsmen, S. Cungar accompanied S. Cybi first to Ireland and then to Anglesey . A Cyngar is the patron saint of Llangefni in Anglesey and of Hope in Flints . The second ‘ Vita S. Cungari ’ identifies the saint with S. Doccuinus , but this statement is of doubtful authority. Cyngar is also honoured in Somerset , Cornwall , and Brittany . The festival of Cyngar is variously given as 7 and 27 Nov. , perhaps as the result of confusion between more than one saint bearing the same name.


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Hywel David Emanuel, M.A., (1921-70), Aberystwyth

Published date: 1959