Dictionary of Welsh Biography

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COSLET , EDWARD ( 1750 - 1828 ), Calvinistic Methodist preacher ;

b. at Machen, Mon. , in 1750 . He was converted under the ministry of William Edwards ( 1719 - 1789 ) (q.v.) , joined the church in Groeswen in 1769 , and began to preach . He moved to Castleton, Mon. , about 1776 , where he came into touch with Blanche Evans of S. Mellons , who brought him to the notice of David Jones of Llan-gan (q.v.) and the Methodist society established in that place. He founded three Methodist churches , namely those of Castleton , S. Mellons , and Morfa . He d. in 1828 , at the age of 78. He was a blacksmith by trade but was notable for the originality and liveliness of his sermons. He would on occasion walk fifty miles on a Sunday to keep an appointment so as not to be absent from work on Saturday and Monday.


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Reverend Gomer Morgan Roberts, M.A., (1904-93), Pont-rhyd-y-fen / St Dogmael's / Llandybïe

Published date: 1959