Dictionary of Welsh Biography

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CONYBEARE , WILLIAM DANIEL ( 1787 - 1857 ), geologist and divine ;

b. 8 June 1787 , son of the rector of S. Botolph's , Bishopsgate , London ; he himself became rector of Sully , 1822-35 , and dean of Llandaff , 1845-57 . As a geologist he played an important part in establishing the study of the fossil reptiles of past ages , and while at Sully helped to lay the foundation of our knowledge of the South Wales coalfield , drawing attention to the anticlinal fold which, extending across the southern part of the area, makes it possible to work seams that would otherwise be inaccessible. He was elected F.R.S. [in 1832 ]. While at Llandaff he was largely r esponsible for the restoration of the cathedral , which his predecessor had commenced by reconstructing the Lady chapel . He published a memoir on the history and architecture of the cathedral in Arch. Camb. , 1850 , 24-40.

He d. 12 Aug. 1857 .


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Frederick John North, O.B.E., D.Sc., F.G.S., F.S.A., F.M.A., (1889-1968), Cardiff

Published date: 1959