Dictionary of Welsh Biography

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CADWGAN FFOL ( 13th cent. ), bard .

One englyn by him is preserved in Pen. MS. 113 . This commemorates a victory gained by the Welsh over the English at Degannwy . The same englyn is attributed to Ednyfed Vychan in Pen. MS. 99 . It is preserved also in Pen. MS. 122 but the author is not given. The englyn was printed in Y Greal , London , 1805 (167), and there attributed to Cadwgan Ffol .

In Owen , Cambrian Biography , Em. W. , Cymru (O.J.) , and Blackwell ( N.L.W. MS. 9253 ), his name is given as Cadwgan ab Cynvrig and his date as 1280 .


Nansi Ceridwen Jones, Aberystwyth

Published date: 1959