Dictionary of Welsh Biography

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BOWEN , SAMUEL ( 1799 - 1887 ), Macclesfield , Independent minister and teacher .

Born 10 Oct. 1799 in Cilrhedyn parish, Carms. His father, David Bowen , was one of the founders of the Independent church in Blaen-y-coed to which place the family had moved. Samuel was educated at the Carmarthen Grammar School , and in Jan. 1820 was admitted to the Academy at Llanfyllin which moved to Newtown in 1821 . When, in 1824 , he had completed his course there he was appointed to the college staff and, at the end of the year, was also appointed the first minister of Kerry chapel near Newtown . In 1829 he published a dissertation, Yr Iawn (the Atonement), which attracted considerable attention at the time and was republished in 1856 . In 1830 he went to Macclesfield as minister and there he remained for thirty years. He left Macclesfield for Burnley and continued to preach until 1875 . He d. at Burnley 11 April 1887 .


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Reverend Richard Griffith Owen, M.A., (1890-1973), Bangor

Published date: 1959