Dictionary of Welsh Biography

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BLEDRI (d. 1022 ), bishop of Llandaff .

He is only known from ‘ Liber Landavensis .’ There it is said that he was chosen in 983 by the sons of Morgan Hen (d. 974 ) and other princes with the concurrence of the clergy and people of the diocese, and (no doubt later), confirmed by king Ethelred and archbishop Elfric of Canterbury . Only one incident is recorded of his long episcopate. During a conflict between his men and those of king Edwin of Gwent , in an attempt to pacify the parties, he was wounded; the king and his troops were forthwith synodically excommunicated and the land laid under an interdict. Peace was finally restored on terms which included the gift to Llandaff of a royal vill conjectured to be Undy .

In the ‘Gwentian’ Brut , Iolo Morganwg gives Bledri praise as a scholar and the title of ‘the Wise’ and adds withal an account of his orders for the institution of schools in every parish of his diocese . Later biographers copied without hesitation this obvious fiction.


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Sir John Edward Lloyd, D.Litt., F.B.A., F.S.A. (1861-1947), Bangor

Published date: 1959