Dictionary of Welsh Biography

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BEVAN , LLYWELYN ( 1661 - 1723 ), Independent minister .

Born at Cwmllynfell , 1661 . For several years he was Lewis Davies 's right-hand man there. On 28 Sept. 1697 he was elected a teaching elder , and on 17 Nov. was ordained minister of Cwmllynfell and Gellionnen , and on 14 Jan. 1701 was released from Tirdwncyn to take charge of the two churches. He built up a strong Independent church in Cwmllynfell and ministered to a large area. His theology was that of a moderate Calvinist ; he was evangelical in his preaching and democratic in his views on the nature and government of the church. He signed his will 7 Feb. 1722-3 .


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  • Hanes Eglwys Cwmllynfell (1935) , 4-9.


Reverend John Dyfnallt Owen, M.A., (1873-1956), Aberystwyth

Published date: 1959