Dictionary of Welsh Biography

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BEDO AEDDREN ( fl. c. 1500 ), bard .

He lived at Aeddren , a farm near Llangwm Dinmael, Denbs. Llangwm and Dinmael are mentioned in his poems. The variant readings of the name of his home are numerous, e.g. Aerddrem , Aurdrem , Eurdrem , Oerddrym . He is said to have lived at or inherited the farm of Coed y Bedo , near Aeddren . It is likely that later in his life he resided near Bala .

Like Bedo Brwynllys , he was one of Dafydd ap Gwilym 's imitators and his work chiefly comprises love poems written in the traditional style . His works and those of Bedo Brwynllys have been wrongly assigned in the manuscripts, and it is difficult to determine the authorship of poems ascribed to them. Bedo Aeddren is said to have been buried at Llanfor , Merioneth , but see the article on Bedo Brwynllys .


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Idwal Lewis, Aberystwyth

Published date: 1959