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ANWYL , Sir EDWARD ( 1866 - 1914 ), Celtic scholar .

Born 5 Aug. 1866 at Chester , son of John and Ellen Anwyl , he was educated at the King's School , Chester , and at Oriel and Mansfield colleges , Oxford . He became professor of Welsh at the University College of Wales , Aberystwyth , 1892 , and, later, professor of Comparative Philology as well. He was appointed first principal of Monmouthshire Training College , Caerleon , in Nov. 1913 , but d. 8 Aug. 1914 , before assuming his duties. He was a member of many bodies, including the University of Wales Theological Board , the Central Welsh Board (of which he became chairman ), the Royal Commission on Ancient Monuments (Wales) , and the Council of the National Library of Wales ; he was also a lay preacher (among the Independents ).

His numerous publications include A Welsh Grammar for Schools , Part I, Welsh Accidence , 1898 , Part II, Welsh Syntax , 1899 ; Celtic Religion in Pre-Christian Times , 1906 ; introductions and lectures, addresses, and articles in journals and encyclopaedias, especially Encyclopaedia of Religion and Ethics ( Hastings ), and a commentary, in Welsh , on Hosea .

Anwyl was a great scholar ; he had encyclopaedic knowledge. He was for many years in the forefront of Welsh cultural life and activities. He was knighted in 1911 .


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Sir Thomas Herbert Parry-Williams, D.Litt., (1887-1975), Aberystwyth

Published date: 1959